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Digital marketing



Engage Media Co. grows small to medium sized businesses through a variety of different marketing avenues: SEO, email marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, content marketing, basic website creation, social media strategy and more. 



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If you're unsure of where to start, but know that your online presence needs a boost, we start with an initial discovery call to understand your goals and company objectives. From there, we can create a plan to execute an appropriate marketing strategy that is tailored specifically to your needs.

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Let Engage Media Co. get to work for you! A common first goal is an in-depth competitive analysis of the industry landscape. Then we create a marketing strategy and pour a strong cup of coffee. We set realistic goals and timelines to measure success and keep you informed and updated along the way.


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When we implement strategies, create new content, run ads or UGC campaigns, we ensure to track our progress through regular reporting (which we share on a regular basis). Quality in-depth analytics allow you to see how content is performing, and ultimately gives you the power to make data-informed strategy decisions.  



Our Approach

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Email Marketing

Traditional and reliable. Inbound email marketing will always be a sure way to reach your client base with targeted content.

People who opt-in to your list want to receive messages from you and buy what you have to offer.  If you haven't been nurturing your list or if you haven't even started building a list, we can help!



Search Engine Optimization

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SEO, the very essence of what gets your business found online. Whether it's keywords and backlinking for your website, blog, or social media pages, targeted copy and best SEO practices are essential. Through appropriate keyword phrases and SEO tactics, potential customers will stay longer on your page, thus allowing you to rank higher — giving your content more credibility. The added bonus? More visibility means more clients, and ultimately more sales.


Content Marketing


We create a SEO-centric content strategy based on keyword research and competitor analysis to provide relevant information to your target audience. Whether you need an expert writer to proof your website content,  or you need a strategist to curate content calendars for your social media, we've got you covered!


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Influencer Marketing

Do you need to put your brand or product in front of the perfect brand ambassador, but don't have the resources to find the right influencers with engaged and authentic followings? Through the right avenues, whether gifting or collaborations, we will find the right partnership to give your brand maximum exposure.


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