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In construction or landscaping? Why you need a social media presence during a natural disaster

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Just over a week ago, Hurricane Fiona made landfall in Atlantic Canada. It has been a somber week, facing the aftermath of destruction Fiona left in her path, and watching the resilience of Maritimers as they assess the damage to their homes and properties.

Throughout the height of it all, and in the hours following, many landscaping and construction companies around Halifax and Truro, Nova Scotia took to Facebook and Instagram to step up their social media marketing execution to act as both a resource for residents as well as share helpful tips to prepare for the approaching storm.

The result? Hundreds of comments from residents thanking these companies for a) sharing their companies contact in the event their help was needed and b) for spreading positivity when the online social atmosphere was anxiety-ridden.

Natural disasters, B2C companies and online promotion seems like a tricky mix. Partly because it is - in a time of tragedy you don't want to appear to be taking advantage of a crisis or pushing your services on them. Rather, you want to leave a lasting impression that you sympathize with your customers and you're offering them assistance and advice.

At the same time, as a company that takes their marketing seriously, it's evident that for some industries, the time to market to your ICP is during these events. 2020 saw both a record number of hurricanes and the most wildfires ever recorded, and that number is only continuing to increase.

So, how do you do build online credibility, offer assistance to homeowners, whilst marketing appropriately for your business during these events?

Sponsored content lead-up

Posting targeted sponsored content leading up to the event means you will be front and centre across newsfeeds in the areas needing the most help. You will have the opportunity to target your message to the people who will need it the most. With the appropriate contact information, your customers will be just a phone call away when the time comes.

Community engagement and company credibility

One of the most imperative parts of marketing during these events is offering support to your existing and new customers, increasing the overall credibility of your business and sharing professional advice that pertains to the event at hand. By offering this service, you will be seen as a go-to, credible resource for homeowners needing support. Do you have tips that can help home owners prepare before an incoming storm?

Did you know shutting all the interior doors in your home during a hurricane compartmentalizes pressure in the event wind finds a way into a home through a broken window or other opening? Once inside, wind can create strong upward pressure on the roof that will try to pop the roof off.

Now, that's a social media post with value!

Are you interested in stepping up your social media marketing Halifax, Nova Scotia presence? Want more information on how you can generate leads through digital marketing campaigns for customers in Truro, Halifax and other communities in Nova Scotia?

Reach out to Engage Media Co. for all your social media needs to get the ball rolling!


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